Don’t Stop The World


Lyrics by Duane HewittIt hasn’t all been easyThe troubles we out grewThe fears we hadNot all that bad or new—The love we had to guide usWould send the storms awayOur knowing thatAnd still we had to pray—(Chorus)Don’t stop the worldWe can’t let goUntil we knowWe’ve really made itDon’t fear the […]

The Symphonic Tides – A Novel – by Duane Hewitt


The Symphonic Tides By Duane Hewitt New!! Available from Amazon as of May 1, 2019 Genres: Crime, Drama, Erotica, Contemporary Literature Susan Frost is a sexual predator. Standing at 6-foot in height and exquisitely beautiful, she is a controlling manipulator who enjoys her lustful fulfillments at the expense of others. […]

Suicide: Surviving Death by Killing Self


Suicide: Surviving Death by Killing Self By Duane Hewitt If you feel you are in such emotional pain or anguish that you can’t stop thinking about suicide, then it may be time to take a bold new step into a new and completely different future. Rather than taking your own […]

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