Alien Disclosure: An event or a process?


By Duane Hewitt

If you’re waiting for that special day of disclosure concerning UFOs, aliens, and extra-terrestrial life, stop and take a look around you because we have been increasingly inundated with the strong likelihood that such life exists and that it has long been visiting earth.

The fact is, to announce or show to the world solid evidence of other-worldly beings and technology that is far beyond our own is certain to lead to sheer terror in the majority of the population, with fallout that could easily include mass suicides, an increase in crime, and a definite spike in mental illness. Additionally, religion in its many forms is bound to take a hit. And this is all because we will not have been acclimatized to the prospect of intelligent alien life and technology that is vastly superior to our own. Such a realization would rock our world; so much so that the very foundations of our religion, culture, and society would suddenly feel like it was on shaky ground; on quicksand if you will.

But stop and take a look around you. For decades now, and increasingly, we have been conditioned to the likelihood – that is, the reality – that such alien life does exist. In fact, it is highly likely that contact has already been made. But this is something that must be kept out of the mainstream until we have been conditioned more thoroughly.

What conditioning you ask? The list is long… photos, videos, news reports, eye witnesses accounts, accounts given by abductees (alleged or not), movies, documentaries, novels, magazines, comic books, video games, and everything and anything that might pass as entertainment, but more often than not makes us question the possibility of aliens, here and now. Sure, go ahead and scoff. But even when something is genuinely and truly intended as pure entertainment, even if it seems outlandish if not downright preposterous, it settles into our subconscious and thus furthers the conditioning process.

Eventually, we will all be so conditioned that when we see evidence – even the real thing – we will say to ourselves “oh, yeah, aliens, I understand and I accept it.” The shockwave will be minimized.

And is there a purpose to disclosure? Let your mind play with the many possibilities and reasons. For one, technology has simply advanced too rapidly in the past 60 years after Roswell and other major claimed alien accounts. Mankind’s ability in things like aero-engineering and all the secretive matters that are kept from us, right down to the technology of I-phones and tablets has seemingly come from nowhere. Things have advanced lightning fast.

Keep in mind that there will always be “powers that be” that do not want disclosure, that want to hide and control such information. But it’s a bit like trying to keep the lie going that the world is flat. Ultimately, those who seek to hide and/or manipulate the truth will be passed over and ignored by the sheer fact that other-world beings visiting us are true.

Alien disclosure: an event or a process? You and I have already been inundated with a lengthy process, sometimes deliberate and sometimes unintentional, but the conditioning, the acclimatization, to this shocking reality is nonetheless true.

Copyright 2021 Duane Hewitt. All rights reserved.

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