An Apology to Our Readers


By Duane Hewitt

We owe an apology to each and every one of our readers.

We’ve been slow to add new articles and links as promised. The blame for this for the most part goes to Covid-19. Here in Toronto, it has been an unending series of lockdowns as mandated by the powers-that-be to prevent the disease from spreading. Along with impacting many, this has resulted in restricted access to our online access points.

But we’re working to catch up.

Those of you who have reached out with a request to add new links and resources, please stay tuned but don’t be afraid to send those kind reminders as many of you have done. And, yes, the feedback we receive is read and is appreciated. So, in the coming weeks and months, and in keeping with the many topics on ‘Duane’, some of the following articles with pertinent links and resources will be added:

Teen Suicide

Self-Harm: Causes and Solutions


How to Become a Virtuoso Guitarist

But there will be more, of course. So stay safe and stay tuned. And thank you to all of you.

Copyright 2021 Duane Hewitt.

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