SAVAGE – A Novel – by Duane Hewitt



A Novel

By Duane Hewitt

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Savage is a passionate tale chronicling the life and experiences of Darcy Farrow, an enforcer and Sergeant-at-Arms for Hells Hand – a fierce and aggressive outlaw motorcycle club operating in southern Ontario during the nineties. The story follows Farrow’s upbringing through various pinnacle turning points and events in his early childhood into a period of delinquency in his teens. A brawler and street tough, he becomes a bouncer for a local bar and is ultimately discovered by the head of a smaller, local motorcycle club when he defeats that club’s enforcer in a series of unrelated fights. He is “made” in 1982 at the age of 22 when he is probationed by the club, thus setting him on a destiny within the criminal biker culture, leading to that club’s takeover by a larger, notorious U.S. club – Hells Hand. Farrow survives the violent takeover and rises in status with the older, larger club, only to be confronted by new challenges surviving in the big leagues, and an ensuing war with a violent Quebec gang known as Satan’s Salvation. Paralleling this brutal existence, Darcy meets and falls in love with a beautiful North American native woman, Andrea George, who he shields from the violent life she knows he leads. Years into their relationship, Andrea is unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain tumor and is told she will die. This heart breaking news comes at a time when an old adversary of Darcy’s appears, promising vengeance for an old, unpaid vendetta. Between the exploding biker wars and Andrea’s looming death, Darcy Farrow must overcome his enemies in order to be with Andrea in her final days. With Andrea’s ultimate loss and the approach of the new millennium at the age of 40, Farrow is left questioning the profound love he experienced but lost, and a violent life that, in the end, left him nothing in return. Savage is a tale of lust and power, hate and survival, fear and greed, and the underlying theme of benediction that offers absolution and redemption through its strongest and most endearing component – love.

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