Meeting your destiny


By Duane Hewitt

We all have some kind of destiny. And it is true that for many of us there are various destinies that we are to have as we move through life. So what is it that makes us feel we either have or have not met our destiny?

One telltale sign about destiny is the fact that you might question your destiny or destinies (plural) at all. For example, you might have a vacuous feeling within you that says something is missing. Such feelings typically range from an urge for love that one doesn’t have, or the purpose behind a meaningful career or meeting a calling.

Then too, one might find one day that, though they hadn’t recognized it, they were on the right path to fulfilling their destiny all along. This is the “a-ha!” moment many people speak of, when the realization comes that you either a) have just discovered something or someone that fills an existing void, or b) the realization comes to you that you’ve been on the right path all along.

One experience that can be both rewarding and maddening is meeting someone who we come to believe is our destiny. This is most common in love, when you feel the spark. The problem, however, can arise when only one person feels that spark. Or worse yet, if both people feel the calling but one or both are already in committed relationships such as marriage. Then what?

Overall, the clue to destiny lies in the signs we see along the way. Experiences, particularly those that appear as coincidences, deep feelings and urges, and all the things that can direct or redirect us, are likely the signposts of destiny. And choice figures hugely in this, because if you make a choice that down to your core feels wrong, or things start moving in the wrong direction for you, then you might have to scramble to manifest that alternative choice.

Face it. Destiny is not always fulfilled. And questions will run rampant about whether some things are inevitable destiny or not. It can really get a person thinking. Is destiny a part of karma? Is destiny the same as fate? And what about when you feel very certain about something you feel destined for but are unable to manifest?

Perhaps we are just meant to live our lives and do our best. And the only true answers to your destiny will come from what you feel in your heart.

Copyright 2021 Duane Hewitt. All rights reserved.

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