Suicide: Surviving Death by Killing Self


Suicide: Surviving Death by Killing Self

By Duane Hewitt

If you feel you are in such emotional pain or anguish that you can’t stop thinking about suicide, then it may be time to take a bold new step into a new and completely different future.

Rather than taking your own life, the better option might be that you become an entirely different person and dispense with the older, previous version that has you suffering so badly.

That’s right: be somebody else. It may sound like a desperate measure but it’s not as desperate as it sounds – and if you are fixated on suicide, then desperate times call for desperate measures.

Re-invent yourself, be a different person. You might even want to change your name. Some countries provide the means to change your name legally. But if you have matters in your past that prevent this, then you can still go by a different first name as you become a different person. Suzanna can now be known as Lillian. John might be Matthew or Dietrich. It’s all part of your rebirth. Like the circle of life, get born again now by being a different person – the person you would prefer to be; that you can love and live with. It’s doable. Throw away the past, create new memories. And take up your passion; your bliss – even if you’ve denied it to yourself in your past. Find new passions if that’s what it takes. You might want to get an easel and start to paint. Take up writing and write those romances you’ve always thought about. Make model trains, boats, and airplanes. Study history, or music, or carpentry and sewing for that matter. Find your bliss. Discover what sets you on fire with desire and go after it. Be this newer, truer you.

You won’t be lying to yourself in doing any of this. It will help you to feel good and to be happy finally. Even if you are creating new memories, your mind will start to adopt and believe these creations so that they become you. Did you know that our minds can’t differentiate between a vivid fabrication any more than a real memory? Start creating a new and different identity and life story – one that allows you to breathe. Be John from Seattle, or Lillian from the West Coast, or so-and-so from such-and-such a place. Invent past loves and friends. Be twice divorced if it pleases you. Look at all the things in your life that you can change and change them. And if you have commitments that you can’t leave, you still need to look at what you can change. It will be your time of death and resurrection; of transformation. Shed the old casing and don the new. Do away with all the negative stuff and the voices in your head that have done nothing but add to your pain. Be rid of the nay-sayers and the negative. It’s called moving on. People do it all the time; often for survival sake.

Many people come from backgrounds that were harmful to them and live lives that are untrue to them. Such experiences only cause more pain and unhappiness. But you can be a different you and you can do away with those suicidal thoughts. You can feel good and be happy! Yes – you!

Unless your pain is due to some major event like a life-altering loss or life-threatening issue that you can’t change, consider tossing off the life that’s causing you all this anguish and become somebody else; somebody new.

You’ll note that nothing in this article throws guilt or shame at you. You need to survive. You need to be alive and you need to be happy. Go for it. Begin the transformation today. May all the angels and ministers of grace be with you.

Copyright 2019 Duane Hewitt.

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