The Symphonic Tides – A Novel – by Duane Hewitt


The Symphonic Tides By Duane Hewitt New!! Available from Amazon as of May 1, 2019 Genres: Crime, Drama, Erotica, Contemporary Literature Susan Frost is a sexual predator. Standing at 6-foot in height and exquisitely beautiful, she is a controlling manipulator who enjoys her lustful fulfillments at the expense of others. […]

The Nature of Evil


The Nature of Evil By Duane Hewitt Those of us who see how our world is changing decade upon decade may be questioning what appears to be the proliferation of evil, both worldwide as well as in our communities. What’s going on? And what exactly is evil? In their book […]

Terrorism and hate crimes – How do we stop the evil?


Terrorism and hate crimes – How do we stop the evil? By Duane Hewitt How do we stop the rise of terrorism and deadly hate crimes that have become increasingly prevalent in our western world? Such heinous acts didn’t exist to such a degree previously, at least not like this. […]

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