We’ll Change Our Lives


Lyrics by Duane HewittMy love, we had our momentsWhen things just didn’t go our wayAnd there were timesWhen we didn’t thinkWe could face another dayBut we’ve grown much strongerJust by holding onWe’ll see tomorrowBefore our time is done—We’ll change our livesUntil we find a way to liveWe’ll save our dreams […]

How Could I


Lyrics by Duane HewittHow could IEver tell youThe words you should knowHow could IEver let onThe things I don’t showHow could I Help you to seeWhat I’ll never tell dear—How could I leave you?How could IEver let youKnow just how I feelHow could I Ever belong When you’re nowhere nearYes […]

Falling Through Time


Lyrics by Duane HewittFalling through time in our mindsYou and ICame down through the cloudsTill we foundOur hearts were spinning aroundThen we sleptTreasuring feelings we keptFalling through timeYour love and mineThis time we have will not endAnd so we touch againTime stopped as we found loveAll our fears were swept […]

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