Lyrics by Duane HewittTonight enlightened starsCry out a reverie—Below a jaded moonHides all she knowsThe night who lay so stillCarries a secret by her willKnowing that past the lonely hillSomething has changedAn early rain begunAre the trees laughing?Or crying for a dayThey fear to come?The dawning wants to knowFrightened by […]

Maybe Then


Lyrics by Duane HewittOh how I need herWhen I still see herAnd I prayOh how I prayOur time togetherOnce gone foreverWill be backFor us againAnd if that time should comeShe’ll be the only oneAnd I’ll love that girl againSo let the times gone byCome back for one more tryAnd I’ll […]

Don’t Stop The World


Lyrics by Duane HewittIt hasn’t all been easyThe troubles we out grewThe fears we hadNot all that bad or new—The love we had to guide usWould send the storms awayOur knowing thatAnd still we had to pray—(Chorus)Don’t stop the worldWe can’t let goUntil we knowWe’ve really made itDon’t fear the […]

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