The Symphonic Tides – A Novel – by Duane Hewitt


The Symphonic Tides By Duane Hewitt

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Genres: Crime, Drama, Erotica, Contemporary Literature

Susan Frost is a sexual predator. Standing at 6-foot in height and exquisitely beautiful, she is a controlling manipulator who enjoys her lustful fulfillments at the expense of others. But her psychosis abruptly changes when she is unexpectedly thrown into a situation that leads her to committing murder. Now a murderess – and incarcerated for her crime – she later finds herself seeking a new direction in her life upon her release from prison. But her true nature hasn’t changed. And, compounding this, what she encounters is a handsome, brilliant, and somewhat reclusive composer by the name of Jonathan Emmanuel Denilow. Susan becomes infatuated with Jonathan, but Jonathan is a man who she can never truly possess. With rage and jealousy pent up in her ugly soul, Susan enters into a violent psychotic cycle of sex and murder that ultimately leads to her undoing. And all the while, Jonathan’s fame grows as he, in the end and ironically through Susan, discovers true love.

Duane Hewitt is the author of five novels, six novellas, and two collections of short stories. He has written extensively for business as well as creatively. Hewitt’s quotes and a portion of reader reviews can be found on Goodreads as well as through Further details and a compilation of Hewitt’s works can be found at

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