Women – Our most precious gift


By Duane Hewitt

“Women stand at the center of creation because women have been granted the incredible gift of bringing each of us into the world. And so women are creation.” – Duane Hewitt

Where would we be without our women? Women are our most precious treasured gift: Their inner and outer beauty, their strength and resourcefulness, their tenderness, their innermost virtuous depths and their outer stoic armor. Women are life-givers and yet they are so much more. They are wives, friends, mothers, sisters, daughters, mediators, confidantes, philosophers and peacemakers… the list goes on and on.

Consider… women have been granted the greatest gift under the stars, to be creators. They are creators of new life and they are the creators of all our future generations. This places women in the most revered position of being central to creation – yes, even of being co-creators with God.

Women are typically the primary caretakers of our children and seniors the world over. When times get tough and the world seems to spin out of control, women are most often the ones who surge to the forefront to help.

And the list of great women that we know is awesome in scope… Anne Frank (1940s), Lucille Ball (1050s), Queen Elizabeth II (1950s), Rosa Parks (1950s), Ella Fitzgerald (1950s), Indira Gandhi (1960s), Aretha Franklin (1970s), Benazir Bhutto (1980s), Malala Yousafzai (2010s) – and then there’s that great woman or women in your life.

And yet there are many heroines who go unsung, like single mothers and the many peaceful warriors who toil in the background and forge on with little or no hope of acknowledgment, praise, or reward.

To raise women up as our most revered should be central to our lives, for women are everything that is promising and hopeful for this world – and that should make them our most precious treasured gift.

“Women are creation’s greatest gift. At the heart of creation is woman because woman creates us. And therefore woman is creation.” – Duane Hewitt

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Copyright 2019 Duane Hewitt.

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