Our need for consumer protection


Our need for consumer protection

By Duane Hewitt

Throughout our lifetimes we will consume an extraordinary amount of goods and services. Food, clothing, medicine, computers, technology… the list is virtually endless. Then there are the many services from which we benefit; all of which range from schooling and education to healthcare, professional services, trades and technology… you name it. From the guy who fixes your plumbing to your kid’s afterschool tutor, the list is nothing short of remarkable.

And yet through all this, how are we to know we can put some legitimate faith and trust in the products we put on or in our bodies to the safety of the vehicles we drive? How possibly can we keep track of all these things in the interest of our safety and well-being?

We all have a need for consumer protection. Consumer advocates, consumer watchdogs, consumer trade groups… they all have a place in what works on behalf of business as well as consumers. None of this is to say that there are dastardly goings-on or dark secretive agendas for all existing businesses. Oft times, products and services are offered with the best of intentions. But things can go wrong; take a turn for the worse, and consumers need to be made aware for their protection.

Consumer protection, in short, is the practice of protecting buyers of goods and services against defective products, products that do not live up to their claims, and to unfair practices by those businesses and individuals that serve and sell to consumers. In this interest, the following links are offered as a resource for those consumers seeking help, guidance, and direction:

Consumer Safety Guide “Consumer Safety Guide is here to help inform the general public of the risks some products, devices, and drugs have on American consumers.”

Whistleblower Info (U.S.) “How can Whistleblowers help fight fraud? A whistleblower claim may be brought against any type of business or organization, including healthcare providers, non-profit organizations, private and publicly-traded companies, federal, state and local government agencies, and public and private educational institutions.”

Thank you.

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