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The Symphonic Tides – A Novel

By Duane Hewitt

Categories: Crime, Drama, Erotica, Contemporary Literature

Susan Frost is a sexual predator. Standing at 6-foot in height and exquisitely beautiful, she is a controlling manipulator who enjoys her lustful fulfillments at the expense of others. But her psychosis abruptly changes when she is unexpectedly thrown into a situation that leads her to committing murder. Now a murderess – and incarcerated for her crime – she later finds herself seeking a new direction in her life upon her release from prison. But her true nature hasn’t changed. And, compounding this, what she encounters is a handsome, brilliant, and somewhat reclusive composer by the name of Jonathan Emmanuel Denilow.

Susan becomes infatuated with Jonathan, but Jonathan is a man who she can never truly possess. With rage and jealousy pent up in her ugly soul, Susan enters into a violent psychotic cycle of sex and murder that ultimately leads to her undoing. And all the while, Jonathan’s fame grows as he, in the end and ironically through Susan, discovers true love.

Conversations with the Eternal
By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, New Age, Spiritual
New as of October 2017!!

Tanner is on his way to a destination in the far outer reaches of deep space. The goal is Saturn, but the true endpoint and the actual purpose of the journey is something far greater. It will leave Tanner perplexed but contented in a way he might never have imagined. He will be granted the opportunity to ask questions to everything he has ever wanted to know and all of his questions will be answered. He will experience fear like never before but he will also learn to appreciate love like never before. He will be caught between the splendor of genuine female companionship and the alternative of a superior artificial biological female mechanism that holds a disturbing agenda. Much mystery to his experiences will abound and yet answers – true answers – will prevail in a place where life should not even exist.

If you could have a conversation with the Creator – with God Himself – about anything you wanted to know, what would your questions be and would you want those questions answered?

Conversations with the Eternal strives to answer the greatest of mysteries with the utmost of simplicity. Like an illusory dream or drug-induced trip where reality and non-reality are both brought into question, at the end of it all, what is it that really matters?

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A Man and a Dog
By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Drama, Spiritual, New Age, Comedy

A Man and a Dog is the simple story of a homeless man and the mysterious, talking dog that befriends him, offering companionship, consolation, and counseling as they move from place to place. Strongly suggesting allegory with imagery that is clear and defined, this simple and yet poignant tale is dedicated to “the homeless and those who believe in them,” and will make its own unique claim on the hearts of its readers with the universal appeal of its theme.

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By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Crime, Drama, Romance

Savage is a passionate tale chronicling the life and experiences of Darcy Farrow, an enforcer and Sergeant-at-Arms for Hells Hand – a fierce and aggressive outlaw motorcycle club operating in southern Ontario during the nineties. The story follows Farrow’s upbringing through various pinnacle turning points and events in his early childhood into a period of delinquency in his teens. A brawler and street tough, he becomes a bouncer for a local bar and is ultimately discovered by the head of a smaller, local motorcycle club when he defeats that club’s enforcer in a series of unrelated fights. He is “made” in 1982 at the age of 22 when he is probationed by the club, thus setting him on a destiny within the criminal biker culture, leading to that club’s takeover by a larger, notorious U.S. club – Hells Hand. Farrow survives the violent takeover and rises in status with the older, larger club, only to be confronted by new challenges surviving in the big leagues, and an ensuing war with a violent Quebec gang known as Satan’s Salvation. Paralleling this brutal existence, Darcy meets and falls in love with a beautiful North American native woman, Andrea George, who he shields from the violent life she knows he leads. Years into their relationship, Andrea is unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain tumor and is told she will die. This heart breaking news comes at a time when an old adversary of Darcy’s appears, promising vengeance for an old, unpaid vendetta. Between the exploding biker wars and Andrea’s looming death, Darcy Farrow must overcome his enemies in order to be with Andrea in her final days. With Andrea’s ultimate loss and the approach of the new millennium at the age of 40, Farrow is left questioning the profound love he experienced but lost, and a violent life that, in the end, left him nothing in return. Savage is a tale of lust and power, hate and survival, fear and greed, and the underlying theme of benediction that offers absolution and redemption through its strongest and most endearing component – love.

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The Chaos of Days
By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Drama, Family, Coming of Age

The brink of a new millennium: Global economies boom at unprecedented rates and then tumble into recession. Headlines scream new scourges and epidemics abroad. Social problems run rampant. Old industries struggle to stay afloat while new companies fly on the wings of fresh technologies. Taxes, pollution, job cuts, and a world spinning out of control. Everything is moving so fast. How is a simple family man supposed to cope? And how is he supposed to keep his family together?

Andrew Pamenter is doing everything possible to keep his family intact despite the turbulent times. At 52, the future no longer seems to hold much hope. A wife disposed to drugs and infidelity, a daughter on the downward spiral of addiction, two young children: one safely nestled in her own inner world while another is destined to suffer a disturbing fate; and an older son, a highly artistic manic-depressive on a collision course with self-destruction. These are the things that consume Andy – that, and just getting by.

The Choas of Days is an emotionally charged drama about a family on the cusp of a new era. It is the story of six different personalities, sometimes in conflict and yet bound by devotion, and of a father’s determination to preserve the well being of the others – flaws and all – through love and the gift of self-sacrifice.

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Diminished Fifth
By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Drama, Music

His name is Nathaniel Cross. He is young, brilliant, driven, obsessed, arrogant, and gifted – and he is on his way to becoming one of the leading piano virtuosi of his era.

Cross has devoted his entire life to music. From his early youth he has matured as a gifted and fiercely disciplined prodigy who has studied with the greatest names in music and, step-by-step, he has risen at a meteoric pace to be positioned for the International stage where there will be no stopping him.

But on the cusp of a much-heralded performance at The Lincoln Center of Performing Arts in New York that stands to launch his international career, the worst of all possible fates intervenes to smash his world and send him spiraling on a downward course of destruction: Nathan suffers a psychotic collapse onstage during the performance. His world shatters. He is left broken, traumatized, and ostracized. He is no longer the great piano wunderkind all had imagined.

What follows is the unraveling of a brilliantly gifted young life when that promising career is dashed – and the only thing that keeps Nathaniel Cross from falling into the abyss of ruin is his own ever relentless path trying to understand what happened to him and why – that, and his remarkable resilience.

Diminished Fifth is a story of dreams dashed and reclaimed, and of faith lost and reborn. It is the story of a brilliant young mind that crashes in depths of mystery and despair. Then, through a journey of self-discovery, Nathaniel Cross finds a renewed energy through the one thing he comes to understand better than all else: the incredible transformative and healing powers of music.

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The Invasion Diaries
By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror

THE INVASION DIARIES draws on the accounts of a witness to the most horrible of global cataclysmic events: The invasion of the Earth by a vastly superior life form. The narrator is Nick Callus, a well-off bachelor who lives a safe and insulated life in a secure and gated community called Norwich that will not be found on any map.

Nick seems to enjoy his life despite being something of a cynic, particularly where the human race is concerned. He lives a lavish lifestyle. He’s an avid part-time pilot and he owns two Cessnas; a four-seater single-prop model 172 Skyhawk and a larger twin-prop Golden Eagle. We are given insights that Nick works for elitist levels of government, possibly intelligence or the military, where he has knowledge and insights to what, for most of us, would be entirely speculative. The work he does is relevant to the invasion that he and others in the Norwich community are witnessing. Nick has several people in his life. One, his love interest, Janine, is fully devoted to him and he is fully devoted to her, with one exception: He also has an attraction to a lovelorn beautiful young woman named Catherine, who continues to express her love and desire for Nick.

Nick and the others bear witness from a safe distance to the brutal and ruthless alien invasion. But it’s nothing like the speculative fiction or scenarios to which Nick is familiar. Some cities across the globe are destroyed and others are not. Many people are killed – incinerated horribly – but others are simply “not there” – as if vanished or abducted. Other than the vast global destruction, the motives of the invaders are not immediately known; and the strategic destruction makes little sense to a man like Nick.

Nick and the others enjoy good food, friendship, the security of the premises, and even the frequent gala “black tie” events that allow the residents of Norwich to keep themselves at arms-length from the ongoing horrors in the world. But tragedy and mystery still strike Norwich: there is a murder-suicide, and people who go missing, including Catherine.

As the horrors throughout the world intensify, and with no hope for Earth’s future, Nick escapes with Janine and a number of the others. The group flies northward, seeking escape. But in their efforts to save themselves and start over in whatever their new world might be, Nick and the others are abducted. They all experience an event that feels like hours in duration but actually lasts more than three days. Later, those that survive all recount horrible experiences, nightmarish visions, and “missing time.” Some have not been returned. They are all emotionally strung out.

Nick right away begins to remember. The nightmare is real. The horrors to which he is privy are beyond human comprehension. The “Masters” – the alien beings – are a horrid race of controllers that are here to “harvest the Earth.” Nick has been given the message that he has “45 years.” He does not understand the cryptic meaning of this message. He is made aware that something far worse, far more horrible, and far more destructive awaits the human race at “the appointed time.” He knows that it is like enslavement but far more terrible. “Beyond comprehension,” he later recounts.

Toward the end, and based on what he knows, Nick finds himself having second thoughts about doing nothing in defense of the planet. For what may be the first time in his life, he takes a stand on behalf of mankind: He turns the plane around without having any idea what their futures hold in store or what he’ll do. Janine, supportive and insightful as always, squeezes his arm and says “I love you” as Nick flies them back to Norwich and contemplates how the human race could possibly defeat such an enemy.

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By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Romance, Love, Drama

Emma is the story of a single woman living on a farm in current-day Alberta, who longs for finding that someone special in life – her soulmate. The problem is, she lives a fairly isolated life, both emotionally as well as geographically. Her only choice seems to be Bernie, a local farmer who assists on the farm. Bernie is someone who she sometimes fantasizes about, until… he one day introduces her to a handsome and charming immigrant from the Ukraine! Emma feels she is being swept off her feet by this newcomer, and then makes a discovery that is as humorous as it is gratifying.

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A Hard Way to Die
By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Crime, Drama

A Hard Way To Die:Two young newlyweds move from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie in the early ’70s to begin a new life together. Years into raising a family, their lives are shattered when their young daughter is killed when caught between two warring biker gangs. This epic drama chronicles the family’s experiences leading to the tragedy and the dark aftermath.

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By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Adventure, Drama

A small group of people is on safari in east Africa during the late ’50s under the guidance of a professional big game hunter. But the African savanna thrives by the law of “kill or be killed.” In very little time, petty personal concerns and personality conflicts are no longer the modus operandi when true-to-life situations on the game trails turn from hunting to being hunted!

After taking on a commission to hunt big game in the heart of Africa by a well-paying client, Chamberlin, an expert hunter, runs into increasingly dangerous situations with his men and that same client. But it’s after a truly harrowing experience in the bush after a close call with a pack of hungry lions that the groups luck changes for the worse. Suddenly, everything has turned, and all efforts must be made to survive a horrible, nightmarish death by a massive clan of hungry hyenas.

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By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Crime, Drama

After three and a half years in prison, Cameron Wells just wants his life back. With a pretty young wife and little daughter on the outside waiting for him, and an opportunity to turn his life around, freedom beckons. Yet, there’s residue from a former life he must shake loose – and a random element of chaos racing toward him on a high-speed collision course that will threaten to undermine his dream of the future.

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Juxtin Pose
By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Drama, Comedy, Coming of Age                                                                              

////story précis to follow////

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Winding Down
By Duane Hewitt
Categories: Comedy, Drama

////story précis to follow////

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