Teen Suicide


By Duane Hewitt If one was to comb through the Internet looking for statistics regarding teenage suicide, the evidence of suicidal trends in young people is beyond disturbing. It’s daunting. And it isn’t a callous approach to the topic. On the contrary, it’s one of several starting points in an […]

Lovers, Married, or Just Friends?


Lovers, Married, or Just Friends? How the two of you were meant to be together By Duane Hewitt It’s something you might find yourself wondering about at the beginning of a relationship, and certainly at the end of a relationship. Were you meant to marry this one particular person? Or […]



By Duane Hewitt Acceptance does not mean giving in or giving up. It means agree to, assent, approve and acquiesce. We can learn to practice acceptance regularly, on a daily basis. Such practice can ease our nerves and our very being. We might do this by learning to stop judging […]

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