Exercising and Advancing Consciousness


By Duane Hewitt

Our brains are true powerhouses that are capable of far more than we may understand. These dynamos store what is likely unlimited information, process experience and thought, induce imagination (and all it encompasses), operate the human body and its many complex processes, are the key to identity, and do so much more. And yet what do we know about exercising consciousness for the sake of advancing consciousness?

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

Exercising conscious thought may well be the ticket to evolving – that is, advancing – our conscious evolutionary selves. We all think, but it is quite likely that for many of us, we can continue to learn to advance our mind’s capabilities through conscious effort.

Perhaps very few of us can compose complete symphonies, write epic poems and novels, process high mathematics, or handle a battery of consciously-driven processes (much like a multi-processor) all at the same time. But it may be worth the effort to develop such capabilities and disciplines.

And yet, exercising consciousness involves so much more than thinking more and doing more mentally. In fact, and seemingly in contradiction to writing symphonies or processing complex mathematics in your mind, some of the best exercises for expanding consciousness are likely to involve stilling and quieting the mind. (The reader is encouraged to do his or her own research and reading on the topic.) By example, some things to look into include, self-awareness exercises, practicing mindfulness, dispelling with visceral reactions and focus on a greater mindfulness of your being, improve and become more cognizant of both your emotional and body-language awareness, and more. Particularly, get into the habit of developing an inner mental discipline where you practice memorization and recall of facts, experiences, interactions (with people, places, or events) and learning how to develop your inner ear for music, your inner blackboard for mathematics, your inner photographic eye for visuals, and your inner typewriter (computer) for writing that literary masterpiece.

The mind needs to be stimulated, but it also needs to be disciplined while being subjected to learning and experience. Contemplating, focusing, and studying and learning under the umbrella of focused discipline can accomplish much to advance the mind’s abilities.

Exercising consciousness means advancing consciousness: a formidable undertaking and noble effort. And who is to say where such effort can take us on our evolutionary trajectory and what incredible golden doors for advancement will be opened to us.

“As you think, so shall you become.” Bruce Lee

Copyright 2020 Duane Hewitt

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