Having nothing to live for… Don’t I have the right to die?


Having nothing to live for… Don’t I have the right to die?

By Duane Hewitt

If you’re thinking about killing yourself, you’re not alone. Right at this moment, you’d be part of a huge number of people who are thinking about taking their lives. According to Vox Media, “9.3 million American adults seriously contemplated suicide in 2013.” And that number is probably low.

People who think about suicide – or who go through with it – don’t generally want to die. What they usually want is to stop living. That’s because they want to put an end to the pain and futility of life. Having to get up just to trudge through another day becomes unbearable.

But it helps to have some perspective. If you’re thinking about killing yourself, it’s very likely that you’ve closed yourself off either physically or emotionally from others. Sound familiar? And that seclusion can lead to a tailspin effect. Sadness, worthlessness, depression, and futility all come into it.

So do this: Reach out to others, preferably someone who can listen with a non-judgmental ear and talk to you sympathetically and intelligently. The Internet is a good starting point to find such a support group. A good friend would help. (But please, avoid negative people!)

Next: Is there anything that fires you up or gives you a sense of purpose and joy? Finding new interests is all part of life and a life well-lived. But if you’re just not there yet and you feel that nothing can give you hope or happiness, please, find someone to speak to.

This article doesn’t judge and the person behind this article doesn’t judge. Feeling sad and down in the dumps is normal but self-destruction isn’t. It’s a stressful world but know that you’re not alone. Reach out. And please, hang in there.

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Copyright 2020 Duane Hewitt

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